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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris UN SMA 2013


Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA/MA ini dibuat sekitar 50 soal, yang diujikan di semua jurusan SMA seperti jurusan Bahasa, IPA, IPS, dan Keagamaan. Sementara itu materi yang dianggap penting menurut kisi-kisi pembuatan soal diantaranya materi wacana lisan interpersonal dan transaksional secara formal maupun informal dalam
konteks kehidupan sehari-hari, terutama dalam bentuk teks fungsional pendek, recount, news item, report, narrative, descriptive dan review. Desain soal biasanya terdiri atas 15 soal listening comprehension atau 15 soal reading untuk penyandang tunarungu dan 35 soal pilihan ganda.

Di jenjang Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) / Madrasah Aliyah (MA), jumlah pilihan berganda dalam soal adalah 5 (lima) option A, B, C, D, dan E. Latihan soal Bahasa Inggris UN SMA/MA 2013 ini dianggap penting artinya karena untuk mempersiapkan para siswa dalam sukses ujian nasional tahun 2013.

Baiklah kami sampaikan contoh latihan soal yang dibuat oleh kami, team, selamat berlatih!

Latihan Soal:

Text I

Two new species of dinosaurs, one a quick – moving meat-eater and the other a giant-plant eater, have been discovered in Antarctica. The 70 million year-old fossil of the carnivore would have rested for millenniums at the bottom of the Antarctica Sea, while the remains of the 30 meter long eater were found on the top of a mountain.

The little carnivore about 1.8 meters tall was found on James Ross Island, of the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Not yet named, the animal probably floated out to the sea after it died and settled to the bottom of what was then a shallow area of the Weddell Sea. Its bones and teeth suggest it may represent a population of two – legged carnivores that survived in the Antarctic long after other predators took over elsewhere on the globe. “For whatever reason, they were still hanging out on the Antarctic continent.” Case said in a statement.

A second team led by William Hammer of Augustuna College in Rock Island, Illinois, found the 200 million year old plant eater’s fossil’s on a mountaintop 13,000 feet (3,900 meters) high near the Beard more Glacier Now known as Mt. Kirk Patrick, the area was once a soft riverbed.

1. The article informs us about _________.

(A) two species of dinosaurs
(B) the newest discovery in Antarctica
(C) the two kinds of new dinosaurs
(D) the discovery of two species of dinosaurs in Antarctica
(E) a team of researchers was funded by the National Science Foundation

2. The main idea of the first paragraph is _________.

(A) The two species of dinosaurs are carnivores and herbivores
(B) The two species were funded by the National Science Foundation
(C) The two species are a quick moving meat-eater and a giant plant – eater
(D) The two species of dinosaurs were floating at the bottom of the Weddell Sea
(E) Two new species of dinosaurs have been discovered in Antarctica

3. The following information is about the giant plant eater dinosaur, EXCEPT _________.

(A) It is 30 meters long
(B) It is 200 million years old
(C) It is 1.8 meters tall
(D) It is found on the top of a mountain
(E) It is found by William Hammer

4. “It is bones and teeth suggest it may represent population of two legged carnivores that survived in the Antarctic ….” (Paragraph 4).

The underlined word means _________.

(A) show
(B) explain
(C) inform
(D) portray
(E) symbolize

Text II

The world’s economic and political landscape …(5)… radical transportation since the movement was born at a summit meeting on September 1st, 1960 in Belgrade, the capital of what was then Yugoslavia.

In the cold war climate of those days, leaders of the 25 developing countries all African and Asian with he exception of Yugoslavia and Cyprus agreed …(6)… a strategy of political …(7)… or non alignment with regard to the two major political blocks …(8)… by the Soviet Union (now Russia) and the United States.

5. (A) undergo
(B) underwent
(C) have undergone
(D) had undergone
(E) has undergone

6. (A) to adopt
(B) adopted
(C) adopting
(D) adopts
(E) to be adopted

7. (A) neutrality
(B) neutral
(C) neutralization
(D) neutralize
(E) neutral

8. (A) submitted
(B) steered
(C) staved
(D) led
(E) injected

9. "Have the boys eaten their breakfast?" "Not yet, they _________."

(A) have taken a bath
(B) will take a bath
(C) were taking a bath
(D) are still taking a bath
(E) have been taken a bath

10. “How long has Mr. Richard been the lecturer of our University?”

"Since I _________ this University."

(A) entered
(B) have been entering
(C) have entered
(D) was entered
(E) am entering

Untuk selengkapnya latihan soal bisa anda download disini, sedangkan solusinya bisa anda download disini, semoga sukses :)
Kami berharap latihan soal ini dapat membantu para siswa calon peserta UN 2013, dan juga bisa dijadikan setitik bahan bagi para pembimbing siswa dalam membuat model pengayaan ujian nasional. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin!

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