Индонезия школы Москвы (SIM) является официальным учебным заведениям организованная Посольством Республики Индонезии (посольства) в Москве совместно с Министерством национального образования.For the Russian State, UASBN SD / MI among implemented in the Moskow is located in exactly Committee :

Indonesia School Moskow
Novokuznetskaya, Ulitsa 12,
Moskow Rusia Telp. 7-095-

Indonesia School Moscow (SIM) is one of thirteen schools in Indonesia which is currently abroad. The presence of SIM, as well as formal educational institutions that provide educational services from kindergarten through high school levels for the children of Indonesia who live in Moscow, as well as a cultural ambassador of Indonesia. Therefore, students Sekolah Indonesia Moscow was not only learn the curriculum as a learned friends in Indonesia, but also learn the art of Indonesian national culture and the noble values of Indonesian culture.

Planting of religious values and its application in everyday life - in the middle of whoop-bingarnya meterialisme and hedonism of Moscow - is a positive value that is owned by a separate license. At the same time they are also expected to act and think globally will be devoted to science and knowledge for the advancement of religion, nation and state.

The presence of a virtual house and was expected to present the latest information related to the curriculum, Mata Pelajaran, Extra Curricular Activities, Teacher and Student Creativity as well as a communicative interactive media between the school and organizer of the stake holders. Layari pages and discover our Vision, Mission, Goals, curriculum structure, subjects taught, infrastructure and activities of teachers and other students of the intellectual, fun and exciting.

As an assisted private school run by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the Moscow Department of Education, of course, increase the quality of continuous service becomes a necessity. Therefore as the school manager, we will continue to seek a breakthrough for the creation of quality education services to produce human generations kamil as mandated in the preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia - the intellectual life of the nation. For that, what we need is constructive criticism, suggestions, constructive suggestions, and encouragement from all sides so that we - all providers of school - can carry out the mandate on the shoulders disandangkan us accountable.

Russia provides scholarship for Indonesian students
The Russian government has provided a scholarship to 14 undergraduate, 19 master's and three doctorate students from Indonesia to study in the country as part of a student exchange program.

Addressing the sending-off ceremony for the students last Thursday, National Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo said student exchange programs were not only aimed at education purposes, but also served as diplomatic efforts to strengthen relations with Russia.

"We can always learn something from staying in another country," Bambang said at the ministry office in Jakarta.

"An emotional connection among people will allow for better relations between our leaders."

"*The program* strengthens bilateral relations through people-to-people contact. People in Russia will know about the culture and diversity in Indonesia," said R. Agus Sartono, head of the ministry's Planning and International Cooperation Bureau.

The students were selected by both the Indonesian and Russian governments.

"We want to learn and acquire knowledge, then come back *to Indonesia* and build our country into something better," said Muhammad Aditya Rakhmat Thamsiel, set to do his master's in journalism in Russia.

Indonesian students were encouraged to return home after completing their studies to serve their country, said Yury Zozulya, head of the Russian center for science and culture in Jakarta.

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