Sekolah Indonesia di Bangkok

The Indonesian School of Bangkok is founded in the 6th of October 1962 by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, after the cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Education and Cultural. It located in the area of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, and the adress is 600-602 Petchburi Road Bangkok 10400 Thailand. The Indonesian School of Bangkok has a kindegarten, an elementary school, a junior high school, and a senior high school, which located in one complex. Right now, the kindegarten is closed, because it doesn't have student at all.

Indonesian School of Bangkok is a unique school. Located at a very strategically place this school has a academic potential. Although it has small amount of student and teacher, this makes everybody cuddle like a family. All them make friends to every student. None of them dislike, harassment or assault each other. This is because every students are involve. So if a student has a problem, a student or maybe a group encourage or make solution to that student. In that case every students here helps each other willingly. Lesson taught is like other national school for an exception of Thai language lesson because it is for survival in this country. Extracurricular lessons are held every school hour finishes. Variety of choices can be made although there aren't many to chose from. The main goal of this school is to make students a successful person after they left this school and head on to take on the world.

Diving deeper into the school info, this school has little amount of classrooms which can hold a minimum number of students. If special occasions or events are held in certain areas in the school at certain day such as the “English Day” every students are join together at one classroom. This makes some of the students to stand or sit down on the floor because of insufficient number of chairs. This school was built in 1962 by the Indonesian Embassy. Curriculum implemented was exactly "Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan". Subject taught has its own uniqueness, which is it has its own classrooms which makes student easier to understand the subject by experimenting such as in Physics and Chemistry. In this school, there are around 50 students and 14 teachers. A teacher here doesn't teach one lesson but two or maybe three. Maybe at some point a teacher may be sport teacher but at the other hand he/she also a history teacher. This factor makes a teacher is multipurpose regarding the small amount of teachers mention above. School hour starts at eight in the morning and finishes at 3pm .


With the decree from the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Col. M. Isman, a committee was made to plan the establishment of SIB as follows; Head ; Secretary ; Head of Education ; Head of Dormitory; Treasurer; The purpose of this School is to provide education for the children of the Indonesian Embassy’s staff and the Indonesian community from Year 1 until High School. A Head of Dormitory was appointed because it was thought that the school would provide accommodation for the Indonesian children who are from the Indonesian Embassy of Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Calcutta.

The committee completed their duties in a relatively short time. On October 6th 1962 the Indonesian School of Bangkok (SIB) was ratified by the Ambassador with a structure as follows;

Supervisor : Mrs. Isman
Superintendent : Sutiarno Surokusumo Ekok Djaka
Head Teacher : Mrs. Rosa Siddik
Teachers : Mrs. Mardijatmi Mrs. Lestari Mrs. Ratnawati

Besides that, a course for learning Bahasa Indonesia was made to help those children who are Indonesian descendant and live in Thailand, the teachers are: Hartono.. Ekok… Eran. The school building used is a building that’s called “Wisma Garuda” or The House of Garuda. Meanwhile, the presidential team coincidentally came to Bangkok after their visit to Japan and Australia, and therefore SIB was ratified for the second time by the President and his time the Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Prijono attended it. Not long after that, the Department of Education sent a new Head Teacher with an official Indonesian status.

Under the supervision of these Ambassadors; Mr. B.M. Diah, Mr. Ahmad Yusuf, Mr. A.R. Dharsono, Mr. Soetarto Sigit, Mr. Kharis Suhud, Mr.Hasnan Habib, Mr. Soebambang, Mr. Aried Riyadi, Mr. Gatot Suwardi and Mr. Ibrahim Yusuf, SIB has been improved with the addition of new buildings, laboratory, skilled teachers and the quality teaching materials. The head teachers are also changed every once a while, Mr. Sugiharto was replaced by …… The Indonesian community outside the Embassy has also contributed to SIB especially Indonesian businessmen working in Bangkok. This is the short history of SIB.

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