National Exam Pass Rate elementary school in Jakarta 100 Percent

Graduation rate of the national examination (UN) Primary School in Jakarta in 2011 reached 100 per cent despite the alleged fraud had marred the SDN 06 Pesanggarahan, South Jakarta. "I am delighted to get a UN report graduation rates in primary schools reached 100 percent of DKI Jakarta. Although I know a lot of special note to achieve it," said Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo at City Hall on Monday.

The success is called Foke (call Bowo) unexpected because the city government has never set a graduation target of 100 percent primary school national examination for all schools in the capital, let alone should justify any means to achieve 100 percent primary school graduation examination. "I affirm, I never set a target of 100 percent for primary school graduation examination. Need I remind you also, anything that is not a certain character to achieve something there will be no place or there will be sanctions," the Governor said.

Foke refers to the alleged fraud that occurred during implementation of the UN on the SDN 06 Pesanggarahan, South Jakarta, which for this case, he will conduct an intensive and thorough investigation to find the main perpetrators. "Parties who are found involved in this case would have us put on sanctions. Therefore, we held an investigation, do not let innocent people be penalized," he said.

Data from the Office of Educational Establishments shows graduation rates both public and private elementary school in Jakarta by 100 percent with the average value of 22.82 with the details of the average value of 8.22 for the Indonesian, Mathematics and Science 7.21 7.39. Compared to last year or the year 2010, the UN school graduation rate was only 99.98 percent with an average value reached 21.46 with details of the average value of 7.44 for the Indonesian, Mathematics and Science 7.05 6.97

Meanwhile, for the acceptance of new learners (PPDB) SD online, empty seats are available at all primary schools of Jakarta reaches 117,227 bench. In phase 1 PPDB stage, new learners who have been verified to register online and reach 106,196 students who received only 96,438 students, so the empty seats still available for as many as 20,789 students.

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